Snail Bob Game

Snail Bob is a game you can play online for free. There are 8 different games within the series. Here’s some information about the game.


Snail Bob io is a game aimed at kids. When you start the first chapter, you get an intro sequence, and then a storybook introduction about the plot of the chapter that you’re on. The intro screen gives you the option to skip ahead to the next chapter, look at the credit, or play the game you’re on. You can also play the intro again if you want. There’s some happy music playing over everything on the intro screen, and you can see a snail rocking back and forth reading a newspaper next to a construction site for chapter 1. There’s also the option to modify the music, the sound, and other game elements. Plus, you can switch the language, or click the option to add the game to your site.

During each level of the game, you have to click on the right parts to guide bob through the level. Bob will generally just keep moving forward no matter what, so you have to hit the right levers at the right time to get him through the level safely! There are some areas where you can click Bob to stop him. When you stop him, he will go into his shell on the stop area. Then, you can click on Bob to get him going again. At the top of the screen, there are buttons that say “x1” and “x2.”

These let you control how fast bob moves towards his goal. Since he’s a snail, he’s never got to move at rocket speed or anything, but it can make it easier to navigate him through the levels if you do it this way. Other conceits in the game include winding gears to pull up or lower platforms for bob, or buttons that let you rotate Bob around so that he’s always pointed in the right direction.

Other Considerations

Your points will vary based on how you did on each level. This is usually determined by speed and how well you navigated everything. The game has a lot of different puzzles over the levels. Sometimes you will drag out wood stoppers to keep moving platforms from dipping or rotating down too much so that bob can make it safely across the construction site or other areas.

Sometimes you’ll click on a lever to drop a boulder that will help do the same kinds of things. Each level is different and worth checking out. It’s sure to give children hours of fun well also challenging them intellectually through each part of their progress.

Overall, the game is definitely aimed at children with colorful characters and relatively simple level design. However, there’s no doubt that kids will love every minute of their experience while at the same time learning and being challenged.